Strong SW wind spoils NCR

The NCR adventure ends in Dover.

We started the race in 10 knots. The gribfiles forecasted 12-15 knots throughout the next days.

After 2 hours racing, the TWS climbed to 22 knots, which resulted in a beating angle to 28 knots of apparentĀ  wind

During the night the TWS reached 25 – 26 knots.

After 15 hours beating against wind and tide, Perfect Ten arrived in Dover. Seasickness and nausea amongst the crew forced us to rest in the Dover Marina, where we met several opponents.

However, the deteriorating weather forecast led us to reasonable seamanship : quitting the race, mind over matter.









Where last year, 12/12 boats finished the race, it seems that this year only 6/18 boats will finish the race.

Hats of to those who persevered.



almost ready

By Peter Posted in photo